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Title: Experimental assessments of metallic and metal oxide nanoparticles’ toxicity
Authors: Privalova, L. I.
Sutunkova, M. P.
Minigaliyeva, I. A.
Klinova, S. V.
Ryabova, Iu. V.
Solovyova, S. N.
Bushueva, T. V.
Fröhlich, E.
Shur, V. Ya.
Zubarev, I. V.
Makeyev, O. H.
Valamina, I. E.
Panov, V. G.
Shishkina, E. V.
Gurvich. V. B.
Katsnelson, B. A.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Citation: L I Privalova et al. Experimental assessments of metallic and metal oxide nanoparticles’ toxicity. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 699 (2019) 012037
Origin: Scopus
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