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Title: The Inventory of Antibiotics in Russian Home Medicine Cabinets
Authors: Stratchounski, L. S.
Andreeva, I. V.
Ratchina, S. A.
Galkin, D. V.
Petrotchenkova, N. A.
Demin, A. A.
Kuzin, V. B.
Kusnetsova, S. T.
Likhatcheva, R. Y.
Nedogoda, S. V.
Ortenberg, E. A.
Belikov, A. S.
Toropova, I. A.
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Citation: Stratchounski L. S., Andreeva I. V., Ratchina S. A., Galkin D. V., Petrotchenkova N. A., Demin A. A., Kuzin V. B., Kusnetsova S. T., Likhatcheva R. Y., Nedogoda S. V., Ortenberg E. A., Belikov A. S., Toropova I. A. The Inventory of Antibiotics in Russian Home Medicine Cabinets. ,2003, 37(4):498-505.
Origin: Scopus
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