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Title: Gender issues during the times of COVID-19 pandemic
Authors: Grisold, W.
Moro, E.
Ferretti, M. T.
Aamodt, A. H.
Arabia, G.
Lebedeva, E. R.
Carvalho, V.
Rakusa, M.
Vonck, K.
Aybeck, S.
Mansour, A. H.
Goudier, R.
Giovannoni, G.
Jaarsma, J.
Molnar, M. J.
Matczack, M.
Bassetti, C.
de Visser, M.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Citation: Wolfgang Grisold, Elena Moro, Maria Teresa Ferretti, Anne Hege Aamodt, Gennarina Arabia, Elena R Lebedeva, Vanessa Carvalho, Martin Rakusa, Kristl Vonck, Selma Aybek, Alia H. Mansour, Riadh Gouider, Gavin Giovannoni, Joke Jaarsma, Maria Molnar, Magdalena Matczak, Claudio L Bassett,. Marianne de Visser. Gender issues during the times of COVID-19 pandemic. Eur J Neurol. 2021;28: e73–77.
Keywords: COVID-19
Origin: Scopus
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